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In which John Watson looks like an idiot because he’s completely love-struck.

I love how John’s reactions are totally spontaneous and he doesn’t even notice what he’s doing until Sherlock points it out. And how Sherlock’s in full detecting mode, but part of his mind is paying attention to the way John is reacting to him (of course, because he’s showing off). There are sort of two different scenes going on at the same time: Sherlock ranting furiously about his deductions, and John and Sherlock doing their little weird dance around each other – Sherlock’s voice even changes when he’s addressing John.

What’s even funnier is that neither John nor Sherlock seem to really understand what’s going on (“What is John doing? Why is he doing that? I don’t know, but it’s fine”), and apparently neither does Lestrade, whose expression could easily translate into “What sort of parallel universe have I landed on today? Are these two flirting???”

And while we can’t really see Sherlock’s face because the light falls directly on him (which creates a great aura), in the last gif his mouth twitches upwards. Perhaps the first of his “only for John” smiles?