Ilaria, 17, Italy.

Lost, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Torchwood, Hannibal, Supernatural, Game Of Thrones.

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in light of how absolutely lovely my followers have been lately i felt you deserved something in return  uwu

i didn’t have a ton of money to do a large giveaway but i’ve put together a little one ^_^


  • follow me, my sherlock blog, and this kitten
  • only reblogs count, like if u want but it aint gonna do shit lol
  • yes i’ll ship anywhere


  • anatomical heart necklace
  • tardis pillow
  • sherlock poster

i’m away most of august so ends august 30th  uwu

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like you know why girls steal their boyfriend’s sweaters? because a $20 sweater for y’all is nicely designed, good colour, provides warmth and lasts through washes but $20 girls sweaters are some gross pastel shit with short hems and short sleeves and get worn out after one spin cycle and they’re thin as shit